Regain Your Balance

There are many outliers when it comes to your health and how you feel: diet, age, stress, disease, and even the common seasonal allergies. Sometimes it’s hard to pin-point the problem, which is where Balance Health and Wellness Centers comes in.


Balance Health and Wellness Centers is dedicated to integrative medicine, a healing-oriented approach that takes into account the whole person including all aspects of one’s lifestyle. Our company employs a multi-disciplinary approach to age management medicine and is comprised of board certified and licensed physician, dietitian, pharmacist, health care and wellness professionals dedicated to optimizing quality of life.

Balance strives to provide all patients with thorough examination to find the root of the problem and a customized approach for treatment. We collaborate with fully licensed and certified laboratories and compounding pharmacies that provide state of the art blood analysis and evidence-based therapeutics for optimizing the aging process. The medical staff at Balance Health and Wellness Centers utilizes your body’s information, from physical examination, medical history and laboratory blood work to create an individualized plan of evidence-based therapies to improve your quality of life.

We are all different genetically, therefore we are all a little different biochemically.  Each patient gets a treatment plan tailored specifically for them, based on their individual genetic background, their history and test findings.”

With the use of the best traditional, complementary, and alternative medicine we aim to help patients heal, not just treat their symptoms. We assist patients with removing obstacles that keep them from reaching their genetic potential. At Balance, we help people regain, maintain and optimize their health.

With specialization in Age Management Medicine, Detoxification and Nutrition, Weight Loss, Sports Medicine Rehabilitation & Exercise, IV nutritional therapy and Internal Medicine, we ensure that all patient’s will regain Balance in their lives.

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